JM Separations is becoming Avantor Fluid Handling Solutions.

JM BioConnect® Manifolds/Assemblies

JM Bioconnect Manifolds / MBT's JM BioConnect® Assemblies. Combining the available disposable technologies, JM BioConnect® offers complete single-use upstream and downstream processing unit operations using the existing single-use sensor technologies JM BioConnect®’s own product-line. This results is single-use upstream media preparation systems and downstream systems for clarification, cell-harvesting, ultra- and diafiltration and ion-exchange and/or affinity chromatographic applications.

JM Bioconnect Manifold

All these system can be made from small lab or pilot scale all the way up to manufacturing scale handling easily the needed upstream and downstream needs from 2.000 L SUB’s. Further, these systems complies to all cGMP regulations and 21CFRpart11 for data storage. All used components are meeting the USP class VI standards and are free of any animal derived product.