JM Separations is becoming Avantor Fluid Handling Solutions.

JM BioConnect® Bags

JM BioConnect®’s Disposable bags program consists of the following product lines:

  •     Pillow Bags (50 ml – 50 L)
  •     3D Cubic or Cylindrical Bags (50 L – 3.500 L)
  •     Carrier Bags
  •     Bag and Tubing Manifolds
  •     Mixing Bags
  •     Tank Liners

All these product are manufactured by JM BioConnect® in The Netherlands in an ISO certified and FDA approved cleanroom.

Producing bags    Producing bags

For these products JM BioConnect® uses its own developed unique film, JMS Flex Film, which has the highest quality standards available in the market at this moment and has the highest clarity of all available films used for bag manufacturing. The film offers a solution for these challenges:


3D Cubic bag
  •    Manufactured under laminar flow conditions in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom
  •    High oxygen barrier: 0.1 cc/(
  •    Suitable for pillow bags and 3-D cubical bags
  •    Resistant to gamma sterilization
  •    Inert polyethylene fluid contact layer
  •    High clarity and flexibility
  •    USP Class VI
  •    ISO 10993-4, 5, 6, 10 and 11
  •    EP 3.1.5

A complete validation package inclusive an extensive extractable study is available for our customers. Click here.

Single use bag

Through our flexible manufacturing organization, JM BioConnect® is able to turn-around our customer’s unique specification into a custom designed and manufactured bag system. For this an unique design tool is available which funnels down customers specifications into an dedicated design.

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