JM Separations is becoming Avantor Fluid Handling Solutions.

JM BioConnect® Containers

JM Separations would like to introduce to you the JM BioConnect® storage and mixing containers.

The JM BioConnect® Containers are designed for the safe and robust storage and mixing of biopharmaceutical fluids contained in JM BioConnect® 3D Bags. Those containers are available in volumes of 50 L up to 3.000 L and can be delivered in plastic and stainless steel.

Those are designed to perfectly fit with the JM BioConnect® JetMixer™ Bags with its integrated impeller that can be used for liquid/liquid and powder/liquid applications.

The containers can be supplied with suitable transport rollers for your special-size containers. Any required size of transport roller can be created.

JM Bioconnect Containers

Mixing Container with Loadcells

Mixing Container with Loadcells

The ‘SAFE’ for precious bulk liquids …

  •    Superior product quality and durability
  •    Easy to operate – easy to clean
  •    Certified for Dangerous Goods (UN), and transport applications (pending)
  •    Suited for cooling and heating applications
  •    Also available in collapsible formats

A real long-term investment …

  •     Stainless steel in pharma quality
  •     Proven durability with superior surface properties
  •     For all bag brands and formats
  •     Stackable – full and empty
  •     For in-house, and shipping applications
  •     Technical support

Customized to your needs …

  •     Customizable features for your particular application, or space limitations
  •     Reference projects throughout Europe
  •     Fast and on-demand deliveries
  •     On-site consulting to find the best technical solutions

An extensive product range …

  •     Stainless steel in pharma quality
  •     For bag volumes 1 – 3.000 litres
  •     Helpful accessories (like dollies, mover couplings etc.)
  •     For mixing – cooling – heating
  •     For both shipping and storing bags
  •     For weighing applications