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Our application specific, high-capacity, anti-fouling UF and MF hollow fiber membranes perform better, last longer, and save you money. This new proprietary membrane technology results in enhanced product yields, high capacity, and less fouling. See how WaterSep’s 75 years of membrane experience can help you optimize your application and improve the economics of your cross-flow filtration processes.The WaterSep product offering is based on 3 fluid path lengths -12″ – 24″ – 41″- that are consistent throughout the entire product line. This enables easy and reliable scale-up and scale-down of your process, by choosing between four different hollow fiber diameters (shown below).

Watersep Products

Small Volume Samples | Lab

Discover & MiniDiscover are the small volume hollow fiber devices for initial membrane applications with sample volumes between 10 – 400 ml. Discover/MiniDiscover are compatible with most automated process development systems. Click Here to view more product information.

Laboratory Applications | Lab

Explorer series is recommended for membrane screening and laboratory volumes up to 3L. Click Here to view more product information.

Pilot/Scale-up Applications | Pilot

Investigator is ideal for process development and pilot applications with 1L – 25L process streams. Click Here to view more product information.

Biopharmaceutical Process Applications | Process

Producer series are our large scale high capacity hollow fiber cartridges for product batches up to several thousand liter. Click Here to view more product information.

WaterSep Products


The higher membrane flux (flow rate/unit surface area) and optimized hollow fiber packing density in our cartridges ensures larger process capacity and more economical systems with smaller footprint.Connections and overall dimensions are compatible with competitive cartridges for easy and effective retro fit. Just by replacing your current hollow fiber cartridge with an optimized WaterSep product you can achieve higher capacity and higher yield in your process.

Our filters are constructed and configured based upon the following variables:

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MWCO / Pore Size 3K, 5K, 10K, 30K, 50K, 100K, 300K, 500K, 750K, 0.1μm, 0.2μm and 0.45μm
Fiber ID 0.5mm & 1.0mm
Cartridge Length 12″, 24″, 41″

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