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JM BioConnect® Microcarrier Bags

1. JM BioConnect® Microcarrier Bag

The JM BioConnect® Microcarrier Bags are manufactured by JM BioConnect® in an ISO certified and FDA approved cleanroom including the sterilization by gamma radiation. For these products JM BioConnect® uses it’s own developed unique film, JM Flex Film, which has the highest quality standards available.

Available in: 20 – 50 – 100 liter

2. Filling Line

The Filling Line is used for the insertion of the cell suspensions and microcarriers.

3. Microcarrier Free Supernatant

The Microcarrier Free Supernatant.

4. 50/100 UM Filter

The JM BioConnect® Microcarrier Bags are available with 2 pore sizes of 50 and 100 Micron. The JM BioConnect® Microcarrier Bags can be included with the JM BioConnect® JetMixer for optimal processing.

Jm BioConnect Microcarrier Bag