JM Separations is becoming Avantor Fluid Handling Solutions.

JetMixer™ Bags

JM BioConnect JetMixer

The Avantor JetMixer™ single-use mixing system is one of the lightest and most compact single-use mixing systems available on the market. The JetMixer™ single-use mixing system fits in both product development and cGMP environments where portability, high mixing efficiency, reliability, ease of use and a small footprint are invaluable assets.

-Accommodates scaling from 10L – 1000L (based on min. mix volume)
-Portable & stackable
-Footprint identical to storage bag/container
-Easy to set-up
-Simple, reliable operation


JM Bioconnect JetMixer

The JetMixer™ single-use mixing system is designed to give you scalable, efficient and homogeneous mixing of liquids with differing densities or for liquid / powder mixing. The Jet-Drive system can be used for the final homogenization of product prior to the filling line, as well as for re-suspending solutions and re-homogenizing liquids after transport and storage.



The disposable component of the the JetMixer™ single-use mixing system is the bag with the integrated mixing device which is an integrated magnetically impelled turbine, secured to the bottom centre of the bag. The turbine works like a centrifugal pump by drawing liquid in vertically and expelling it horizontally along the bottom through specific outlets which are pointed to the corners of the mixing bag. This internal 3D recirculation loop continually sweeps the entire volume of the bag.