JM Separations is becoming Avantor Fluid Handling Solutions.

JM BioConnect® Tubing

Based on the same type of material, JM BioConnect® developed an unique thermoplastic tubing called Solmed® TubeFlex 4502 tubing, weldable by all commercial available tube welders and tube sealers.This Solmed® TubeFlex 4502 tubing is manufactured in a complet controlled cleanroom environment using the cleanest biological compatible material, TPE and is absolutely free of any animal derived ingredients and/or oils.

A complete validation binder is available for our customers of which a summary can be downloaded here. The Solmed® TubeFlex 4502 tubing can be sterilized using autoclaving, gamma radiation, UV and/or ETO. Further it is successfully validated and tested as peristaltic pump tubing and is resistant for pressures upto 3 bar.

  •      Excellent pump Life
  •      Ultra low extractables
  •      High purity
  •      TPE / Weldable
  •      ADC Free

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JM BioConnect TubingJM BioConnect Tubing